Mechanical and Digital Hubodometers

Hubodometers are robust, weatherproof, sealed mechanical or digital recording devices that can be easily fitted to a bus, truck or trailer axles. They are used to accurately record the distance travelled by the vehicle or trailer in miles or kilometres.

STEMCO Hubodometers are an indispensable tool for scheduling maintenance, determining lease charges, validating guarantees and calculating costs per mile.

Hubodometers provide simply the most accurate source of reliable data. Each mechanical Standard Hubodometer comes with a 500,000 mile Warranty from the date of manufacture.

Whether for maintenance purposes or logging miles, accuracy is critical. The STEMCO Hubodometer® is guaranteed to deliver mileage accuracy within +/-2% (based on the life of the tyre). With construction so durable, the STEMCO Hubodometer® is warranted for 500,000 miles. A spring-loaded counterweight virtually eliminates spin when tyres hit bumps and potholes. The STEMCO Hubodometer® is the most economical, accurate and convenient way of tracking mileage for preventive maintenance, leases and warranties.


Reliable Mileage information with guaranteed accuracy.
Available in miles or kilometres.
Calibrated to perform on over 2500 specific tyre models and sizes.

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Digital direct replacement for standard mechanical units.
Individually serial numbered and date coded.
The perfect solution for use on Acreage Meter applications.

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Brackets & AxleCaps

Available for a wide variety of vehicle hub configurations.
Simple to install and provide a factory fit look.
Truly a ‘bolt-on’ product for most applications.

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Calculate the revs per mile or kilometre with this online tool