Mechanical Hubodometers

Stemco Mechanical Hubodometers

Heavy Duty Mechanical Hubodometers

  • Reliable Mileage information with guaranteed accuracy
  • The STEMCO Hubodometer is an indispensable tool for scheduling maintenance, determining lease charges, validating guarantees and calculating costs per mile.
  • Hubodometers are calibrated to perform on over 2500 specific tyre models and sizes to ensure reliable mileage information.
  • Spring loaded counter weight vitually eliminates spin when tyres hit bumps and potholes, your assurance of greater accuracy.
  • Guaranteed over-life-of-tyre accuracy backed by 500,000 mile warranty.


  • Main shaft is independent of front cover, greatly reducing failure caused by frontal impact.
  • Unit is sealed for added durability in a moisture-controlled environment of polycarbonate and steel.
  • Externally pinioned odometer mechanism utilises low friction moulded components. These features, plus nine permanently lubricated bronze bearings, eliminate wear and ensure long life.
  • Worm drive rotates parts less frequently, reducing wear.
  • Rugged construction. Naval brass on steel. No plastic drive components.
  • Stemco hubodometers come with a 500,000 mile warranty


  • To ensure accurate calibration Stemco have worked with the engineering staff of all major tyre manufacturers. They have compiled fleet data on more than 2500 tyre models and sizes.
  • In addition Stemco calibrations are based at the mid life of tyre tread not the depth of new tyre tread, one more reason we can guarantee +/- 2% accuracy over the life of the tyre.

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Mechanical Hubodometers

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